Instrument Rental & Care for Elementary and Junior High School Student

If you do not own an instrument, Future Musicians recommends that you rent one from our preferred dealers. Rental forms are available from teachers.

Most students from Southington go to The Music Shop in Southington, they use NEMC for their rental.  They have an introductory rental for $19 which covers 4 months ($39 for saxophone) then students go on a monthly payment on a rent-to-own program if they want.

The Ed Sueta Book is $8.95.

  • Your child must bring the instrument to school on their lesson day and remember to take it home that same day. Instruments cannot be left at school.
  • Do not store books or the music stand in the instrument case as they can damage the instrument
  • Instruments should be kept in their cases except when being played. Repairs can be costly. We strongly advise that your child never leave the instrument unattended on the floor or on a chair.
  • Your child will be taught how to care for the instrument. Be sure your child has the proper cleaning materials, reeds, oil and other items.
  • For sanitary and safety reasons, instruments should never be played by anyone except the student.
  • If you have a problem with an instrument, do not try to fix it yourself. Check with your child's teacher or call your rental dealer.